One Beneficiary’s Story

“I grew up in the community of Masoyi with my parents and five siblings. When I was in grade 10, my parents separated. I stayed with my father, along with my siblings and my mother moved to live with another husband. In 2003, my father passed away; forcing my mother to come back and take care of us. However, she was sick and passed away in 2005. Since that point, I was responsible for helping my older sister take care of our younger siblings.

“When I finished grade 12, I didn’t have any hope for the future or think that I could be someone because even going to school was difficult. It was common for my siblings and I to attend school with no lunch. Growing up, I never thought that I would go to college. After I finished school, I had a couple different jobs. One was working at a farm and the other was selling chicken in the community.

“During this time, my siblings started attending the Care Point in the community of Masoyi. Every month, our family would receive food parcels from the Community Based Organisation and we were visited regularly by our Care Worker, Jabulile.

She has now completed school and now works with children facing similar circumstances helping them to understand the love of Christ:  “Since I’ve found Christ, I have learned to forgive and am able to have self-control. The majority of the time, I feel an overwhelming sense of joy. I have learned how to believe in myself. Over the years, I think that God has been teaching me to love, forgive and continue to be patient with the people around me.”

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