House No.4 (3)

From a report by Micheal Bobbert:

“When I last visited the building site on the 19thof December, I found that the house was already roofed and the builders were finishing plastering one of the rooms and about to proceed to the next one.  I am confident that come January they will be completely done with house and ready to start on the toilet.

“Rodney had initially charged us R12,000 [about £700] for the complete construction of the house.  He had worked with Ena on almost all the houses that Masoyi HBC had built in the community.   At the management’s insistence, we negotiated it to R11,000  for the house.  (He had charged R10,500 for a previous three-roomed house, but inflation in South Africa runs at about 5%pa.)   We have paid him a R4,000, and will pay another R4,000 before Christmas so that he can also have a Merry Christmas with his family. The balance will be paid in January when I am satisfied with his services.”

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