January Patient Care (1)

From a report by Micheal Bobbert:

The team visits over 600 families and cares for over 200 patients.  There are 36 care workers who live and work in the community. They do regular visits, and identify new clients.  Of the 600 patients visited in January, there were 251 males, 457 females, and 13 children below the age of 13.

“At Mganduzweni, we visited a 34-year old female patient who is taking HIV treatment and has cervical cancer.  She lives in a four-room house with her four children and a grandson.  Her husband has abandoned the family because he and his wife were always fighting.  Recently, he doused his wife with gasoline and set her alight.  The wife suffered second degree burns as a result.

She is not able to work due to the wounds, that have left her almost crippled.  One of the 1. Gruesome burnssenior nurses at the local clinic has advised her to go to the nearest hospital and apply for a disability grant from the government as she was not going to be able to work anymore.

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