The Mon. Family

A report from the Project:

“The Mon. family consists of four orphaned siblings who live with their gogo [grandmother].  They are all in school.  Kok., 14 years old, is doing grade 5 (M); Tha., 12 years old (M); Lol., 10 years old, is doing grade 4; Mma., 8 years (F), is doing grade 4. Their gogo does not take good care of them because sometimes she leaves them alone in the house and goes to her boyfriend.  The house is not in good shape: the windows and doors are broken.  Their house needs some major repairs before the winter season creeps in.

“Their mother passed away a few years ago but their father is still alive.  He moved and neglected his children to live with another woman immediatel32. Monyai childreny after his wife passed on. The gogo misuses the children’s government grant money, spending it on men. The matter has been reported to the social workers and the she has been warned by the authorities.

“The care worker requested to place them in the Masoyi Trust UK food parcel beneficiaries programme until their grant money  issue is sorted out.”

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