March Patient Visits (2)

“In Mahushu [local area], we were told that a 72-year old deaf man and wheelchair user was being locked in a single room.  We arrived at the house with the qualified social worker (Bridget Gumbeni) who is currently volunteering at Masoyi HBCP.   Details of how the man came to live with his sister in-law were rather sketchy, because the people living with him were very aggressive to us when we tried to ask questions about the man’s wife and children.  His rights were indeed being violated by his family.  The room was very dirty.

8. Wheelchair patient“The neighbours told us that the old man was treated like a prisoner, and that he received an old age grant from the government every month.  But what was sad was the fact that the old man was given leftovers, instead of a warm meal and water to bath every day. As mothers and community workers, we seriously opposed the way that this family treated this old man. The social worker then took the matter to the Government department, where arrangements for the old man to be taken to an old age home are currently being made.”

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