House Repairing

The repairing of gogo Florah Malinda’s house went very well.  I entrusted my longtime friend and reliable builder, Enos Mnisi, to undertake the repairing of the house.  Materials needed were 35 timber poles, about 3 packets of roofing screws, 2 wire nails, water proofing and  water proofing membrane. We also needed to replace the old front door with a new one as well as a new door handle and lockset. The door was treated with varnish to protect from it from being damaged by the rain.

The roof and old timber poles that were supporting it were completely stripped and replaced with new ones.  Five new corrugated iron sheets were also required to replace the old worn out IBR and corrugated iron sheets.  I can boldly say that gogo is very happy and grateful for all the work that has been done at her house.  She told Dale, Nicky and Matt how happy and grateful she was for the support that Masoyi Trust UK has given to her.  [We were able to fund the repairs from a surplus from House No.4.]

She explained how various government stakeholders and other political parties kept promising her that they will fix her house, but they never showed up.  But we on the other hand (Masoyi HBC and Masoyi Trust UK), made all her troubles go away, and now she will sleep peacefully on rainy days.  She said that she will pray for both Masoyi Trust and Masoyi HBC that God may continue blessing the work that both organizations do.

[More work is needed to fill a few small roof holes, repair wall cracks, paint inside, and clear the rubble outside – which obstructs access to her toilet.  The local care workers will have visited to help put her furniture back in place, and will then keep an eye on her.]


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