House No.5

From a recent report by Michael Bobbert:
“Construction has already started at the Ngomane siblings’ house. When I went for enquiries immediately after you gave us the green light go ahead with the project as we had planned when we visited the family house. I hope you still remember that when we visited the family they already had a foundation laid out for two rooms, they also had a few bags of cement and a some bricks they hired someone to make for them.


I therefore estimated that with the building material that we already have at our disposal, both rooms could be completed if I were to be smart in selecting building material as well as negotiating a lesser price for labour. The builder and I calculated all material the was going to be needed and made a list. I then took the list to the Hardware store and discovered that the important material quoted was almost        R8 000, and I purchased all the material that included window frames, door frames and doors, corrugated irons, timber rafters for the roof, roofing nails, bags of cement etc… I also requested R2 000 from the office to buy three loads of sand and pay deposit of R500 that the builders requested so that they could transport themselves to and from the building site. This means I still have another 10k left to pay balance of 5k for labour and the rest will be for glasses, paint and a few other touch ups required in this regard.

I believe that the R20 000 will cover both rooms, including painting and electrical installations. But since the family is big and most of them are all still minors, I believe that we still need to add two more rooms, one will be a dinning room and the other will be a bedroom for the two eldest brothers. The other rooms will be converted into a kitchen leaving leaving one room for the younger siblings to share, I hope that this make sense to you.”

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