Children’s Workshop (1)

From a report of a workshop held on 27 June:

“We hosted 192 orphaned and vulnerable children who come from all our seven areas of operation [in Masoyi].  The workshop commenced with worship songs.  A senior member of eMasoyi welcomed the guests and participants, encouraging the continued work of the Orphaned and Vulnerable Children programme and the workshop in particular. The  reasons for conducting the workshop were reviewed, reiterating the commitment to the OVC team and the importance of their work as home-based care workers.

Guests from each of the following had the opportunity to speak to the children from their own area of expertise:

  • Department of Social Development.
  • Department of Education.
  • SAPS
  • Pastor
  • Peer to Peer Education facilitators.

[This workshop was funded by Masoyi Trust (UK).]



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