Gom. Mat.’s story

Gom. Mat.

“Gom. Mat. is a 14-year old orphaned boy. He was living with his mother and his stepfather. Gom’s mother died, and because she was from Mozambique and had no South African ID book she could not apply for Gom. to have a birth certificate. He has two other siblings, but after his mother died he was chased away from the house by his step-father. His siblings remained with their father because they were his biological children. 

Gom. collecting his monthly food parcel

“Gom. was helped by one of his neighbours, who gave him a rundown, one room shack to live in in another village. He is now far away from the school his was attending. In his previous school, he was unable to get his results and report because of having no birth certificate. In the new village one of our care workers took Gom. to register him in a local school, but he was not accepted because he does not have a birth certificate. He is now just sitting at home with nothing to do.” 

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