The Mba. Family: Food Parcel

Mba. Family

“The Mba. family is a child-headed family.  There are  three siblings: 12-year-old Jus., 16-year-old Yan. Sib.  and  25-year-old Buh.  The siblings’ mother passed away in May 2017 and they now live alone since the whereabouts of their father is unknown.

“The family survives with Jus.’s social grant as Buh. is above the age to receive a grant and Yan. Sib. has no social grant because her mother did not register her.  An attempt to register her since has been unsuccessful. The family do not have sufficient income, so they have received a food parcel this month.”

22.Jus. Mba.

Jus. Mba. collecting food

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