The Mal. Children’s Story

From April’s Report:

Of the Mal. siblings there is Ash. who is 16 years doing grade 9, Sha. who is 14 years old doing grade 8, and Baf. Nyu. who is 13 years old doing grade 7.  The three siblings have the same mother with Ash. and Sha. having the same father and Baf. Nyu. with another father.  They lives with their grandmother; their mother left them when they babies and her whereabouts is unknown. Ash. and Sha.’s father passed away in 2012, and Bafana’s father is not known.

48. Ash. MalThey depend on Ash. and Sha. together with their grandmother’s social grant, to buy food and other basic needs.  Baf. is not receiving social grant as he does not have a birth certificate [a common problem]. We gave them food parcel this month to help them to have more food to eat.



You can follow our fund-raising campaign here.

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