May Report: the Sha. Family

“The Sha. family consists of 8  members, six children and both parents. The  younger children are Ler. who is 2 years old and Tha. who is 12, not receiving a child grant because they have no birth certificates. Their father lost his I.D. years back and still does not have one.

“Rut.  is 15,  has a birth certificate and receives R 440.00 child social grant. Ann.  is 18 years old and Ale.  is 21.  Tham. is 26  years old and dropped out of school. All  three elder siblings do have birth certificates but do not receive social grant as they are all over 18.54. Rut.Sha. food parcel

“Their parents are Thu. Map. (mother) and Wal. Sha. (father). The family lives in a one room shack at Mahushu trust, both parents are unemployed. The family survives by both parents  sometimes doing odd jobs in their neighbourhood and the R 440.00 child support grant which one of their children receives.The family’s situation is really bad and so we have awarded  them a food parcel this month.”

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