May Report: The Maw. Family

“The Maw. family consists of Nok., who is eight years old,  Nja., two years old, and Nol., who is 20 years old. The children live with their grandmother who is taking care of them as their parents have passed on.

Nok. collecting the family’s food parcel

“They live in a six room house which is not in   good condition. Nok. and Nja. receive child   support grants which the family uses to buy   food, education material and to fix their house.   Their grandmother is not working and her age   does not qualify her to receive old age grant.

“The portion of the social grant money which   the children receive to buy food is not enough,   as the food the family buys only lasts for a few   days. The reason we placed the family in the   food parcel programme this month is for them   to have enough food.”

[With unemployment still well over 50%, finding work is almost impossible, especially for the young.]

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