Peer Education Update

“There are currently five facilitators. Three facilitators recently left due to the fact that the EPWP programme [Government unemployment initiative], which has been supporting the organization to pay their stipend, is not active. Facilitators currently in the programme [with stipends funded by Masoyi Trust (UK)] are:

  • Tricia Dube
  • Maria Mkhawana
  • Linah Mazibuko
  • Thandeka Ngwenyama
  • Bongekile Matsane

“We have not gone to schools since the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown, meaning that our peer educators have not been updated since we recruited them. I reported in March that we have 327 peer educators, 188 females and 139 males. Our next update on peer educators will be when the lockdown is lifted and we are able to see them again.

O.V.C [orphaned and vulnerable children] Workshop.

“We have not been able to hold the O.V.C workshop this month due to the coronavirus lockdown restrictions. We have  postponed it until  September when it is possible that the lockdown will be over, or  that the easing of restrictions will allow us to have the workshop.”

See our latest fund-raising campaign here.

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