Vil. FamilyFood Parcel

From August’s Report:

“There are three siblings; the oldest, San. Vil. is 23 years old,  but is not in college or working. Gle. Mbu. is 14 years old and Nol. Vil. is 9.  Their parents both passed away in 2013.  When their parents died they lived at their father’s parents’ home.

“Their aunts and uncles were also living in their grandparent’s house. Life became difficult for the siblings as they started to be mistreated by their aunts and uncles. One of their neighbours noticed and  took them away. She gave them her house, where they now  live as she lives in another home with her husband.93.Viz food parcel

“The siblings survive on the R 430 child social grant which Nok. receives. San. is too old to receive a grant. Gle. received a foster care grant  for which he was registered by one of his late aunts. This was cancelled upon her death. Our care giver then advised San. to take Gle’s birth certificate to social workers and explain the situation. They will be able to help them by re-registering Gle. in the social grant system.”

The photo is of Nol. collecting a food parcel in August, funded by Masoyi Trust (UK).

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