Peer Education Facilitators (2)

Masoyi Trust (UK) fund small stipends [about £45pm] for the four Peer Education Facilitators below:

  • “Thandeka Ngwenyama is 24years old; she lives in a family home with her mother, two sisters, her son and her niece. Her interests are selling her beauty products, and spending time in church. Thandeka hopes to one day have her beauty products business.
  • “Maria Mkhawana is 28 years old; she lives with her family, her husband and two daughters, in their family home. Maria is interested in singing and dancing. Maria hopes to one day have her own professional dancing studio where she can be able to train young people to become professional dancers.
  • “Tricia Dube is 26 years old; Tricia is living with her family, mother and other family members in a five-room family home. Tricia is interested in reading, playing music and watching television. She hopes to enrol at collage, obtain her qualification, obtain a driver’s licence and get her dream job, and became independent and support her family.
  • Bongekile Matsane is 26 years old. She lives in a 6-room family home with her husband and daughter. She is interested cooking, baking and attending church. Bongekile’s future hope is to enrol in school and study to become a land surveyor.

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