The Mah. Vulnerable Family

From September’s Report:

“The Mah. vulnerable family consists of three family members: Fin. Mah. is 14 years old, Tha. Mah. is 16 years old and  they live with their mother Lin. Map.

“The family lives in the area of Mahushu in their own home. Fin. and Tha. do not receive child social grant as they  do not have birth certificates. This is because their mother  does not have any Identity document and their father is  living far away from them, not playing a role in their lives and not assisting them to get birth certificates.

103.Fin. Mah. food parcel

Fin. Mah. collecting food

“The mother is not working in any permanent employment and the family survives on money from the community odd jobs which she does to put food on the table. The family does not have enough food to eat and so we decided to award them a food parcel this month.”

This is typical of so many families in the Masoyi community: absent father, unemployment, no official documents (so ineligible for State assistance) – poverty.

Current fund-raising campaign:

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