Mot. Siblings

From October’s Report:

“There are two Mot. siblings, Leh. Mot. and Mel. Mot. Leh. is 15 years old and at school, and Mel. is 22 years old, but he is not working or in college.

“The two siblings have lived together since Leh. was 5 years old. Their father passed away; their mother is alive, but living in Johannesburg, having left them. She never returned home after leaving them when Leh. was 5 years old.

“The siblings live in their great grand-parents’ home that no one was living in, and even there they are troubled by other people who want them out. Their wellbeing is looked after by their grandmother, who, with her struggles, is unable to support them financially.

109. Mel. Mot. food parcel copy

      Mel. collecting the                   food parcel.

“Leh. Receives a child support grant but Mel. does not receive a grant as he is above age. They depend on the child grant to buy food and other basic needs they have, and another donation which they receive from the community.

“We placed them to receive a food parcel this month which will help them to have more food on the table.”

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