November Patient Food Parcel (2)

From November’s Report:

“When doing our home visits we came across an old man who is mentally disturbed, walking by the side of the road. He was going around begging people for food to eat. We approached the man and found that both his legs were swollen. We ask him where does he live, he told us he lives at Phola, so we promised to visit him where he lives.22a.Nov. patient2

“The following day we visited him where he lives like we promised, and we found him sitting outside his one room house. He was very happy to see us; he said he is living alone in his one room house. We gave him a food parcel and a rub-rub to smear his swollen painful feet. We prayed for him and also promised to visit him on our home based care visits.”

Our September fund-raising campaign means that more people like this can benefit from food parcels rather than just a visit from carers.  I have accompanied carers on home visits in the past, and experienced the pain of not being able to relieve hunger because eMasoyi had run our of supplies.  So many thanks to those of you who donated.

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