Ngo. Vulnerable Family

From December’s Report:

“This child-headed family consists of six siblings. Olw. Nko. is 4 years old, Pri. Mbu. is 9 years old, and Pri. Mzi. is also 9. Vic. Ngo. is 19 years old, and was not in school during the 2020 school calendar year because of pregnancy, but she has since given birth to Non. and will return to school next year. Mpu. Ndl. is 23 and has completed her matriculation.

123. Vic. Ngo. food parcel“The child-headed family live in their mother’s family home which the she left them. Their mother passed away in 2019, and the children do not know their father as he left them when they were young. The family depends on the child social grant which four children are receiving, Pri. Mzi., Olw. Nko. , Pri. Mbu., and baby Non. Ngo. There is some income from the odd jobs which Vic. and Mpu. sometimes do.

“They use all the money they receive to buy food and supply other basic needs . There are no other extended family members who are helping financially. We gave the family a food parcel so that they can have more food on the table.”

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