Mni. Vulnerable Family

From December’s Report:

“The Mni. family live in the Masoyi village of Phola. The family consists of four members: Nta. Mat. is 10 years old; Ler. Mni. is 20 years old; Moo. Mni. is 24; and San. Mni. Is 27. Moo. dropped out of school because of his family hardship and had to find employment to look after the family, and San.  completed her matriculation but is not at university or college.

“Their mother passed away in 2010, and their father left them a long time ago. His whereabouts are unknown. The family lives in their family home which their late mother left for them. Nta. Mat.  receives child social grant which the family uses to buy food and other basic needs.

124. Nta. Mat. food parcel

Nta. collecting the food        parcel

“Moo. and San. Mni. work in part-time jobs and also use their pay to buy food for the family. We gave the family a food parcel that will help them have more food to eat.”

It is easy to think, “Well, three of them are adults, not children, and two are working – so why are we supporting them, why do they need a food parcel?”  They will have been referred to eMasoyi and their local home-based care worker as in need, and the care worker will have visited their home (probably with the area coordinator) to make an assessment.  The part-time earnings will be very low, even by local standards, and not enough to feed a family of four.

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