Ngo. vulnerable family

From the January Report:

“The Ngo. vulnerable family consists of eight members, 1-year old Pen. Ngo. who is at crèche; Siphe. who is 4years old and also at crèche; 9-year old Ali. is in grade 4; 10-year old Siy. in grade 5; 14-year old Siphi. in grade 9;  and 18-year old Nto. is in grade 10; Pro. Ngo. is 22 years old; and they live with their mother, Mar. Lek.

“The family live in the village of Ivory. The children’s father left the family and he is not supporting them in any way.  Their mother works part-time whenever  temporary employment is available, but sometimes goes a long period of time without any work.

“To cover the family’s food and other basic needs, they depend on the social grant which Sip., Ali., Siy., Sip. and Pen. receive.”  [About £22 each, so £100pm.]

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