Another Family of Six Children

From February’s Report:

“The Sam. child headed family consists of six siblings. Ndu. Sam. is three years old, Mba. Sam. is seven , Mel. Sam. is ten, Hap. Sil. is fifteen, Sam. Sam. is sixteen and Nox. Sam. is twenty.  She has completed her matric and  is studying at TVET college [Technical Vocational Education and Training].

“The siblings live together in their family home. Their mother passed away last year and their father passed away years back. They survive on the child social grant, which Ndu, Mba, Mel, Hap and Sam receive, to buy food and other basic needs. Nox.  does not receive social grant because she is above eighteen years. Their local church and some of their neighbours  sometimes help them with food to eat.

“Nox. collected their food parcel, and I asked her about her interests and future hopes. She said she is interested in spending her time in church, worshipping and practising  with the church choir. Her future hopes are to study and become a social worker and help her siblings as well as other children who grow up without parents like her.”

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