Life at five Years Old

From February’s Report:

“Arm. Kho. is five years old and lives in a house with four other family members.  His sister, Ler. Mag. (27), is his guardian. His brother, Inn. Mag. (24), and two of Ler.’s children, Got. Mag. and Gol. Mag. (6 and 9 ), make up the rest of the household.12. Armando Khoza food parcel blur copy

“Arm. was living with his parents but they were abusive towards him, so his sister Ler. took him away to look after him. Arm.’s parents moved to Johannesburg, where they now live. They did not tell their children that they were relocating and  have never contacted them since they left.

“No one is working in the family: they survive with the social grant  which Arm. and his sister’s children receive. When I asked Arm. what he likes to do, he was a bit shy and only mentioned that he likes to play football with his friends.” 

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