Tuberculosis and Prostate

From February’ Report:

“We visited a 48-year old male patient in the area of Jerusalem Trust. He lives alone in his two-roomed house.  The patient was diagnosed with tuberculosis and is on treatment. He also complains of painful lumps from his prostate. He is not working; he said sometimes it is difficult for him to get food to eat.

Feb Jerusalem blur

“Solution: We advised him to visit the clinic so he could get help with the pain from his lumps. After he said he struggled to get food we gave him a food parcel. We prayed for him and encouraged him to drink lots of water and eat healthy food at all times.

“We encouraged him to stay healthy, wash his hands before and after eating as well as when he comes from the toilet, and to always wear his face mask to protect himself from the coronavirus. We promised to visit him again to check on his wellbeing.”

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