News From March

Our supporters here in the UK enable us to send funds to eMasoyi in South Africa to give monthly food parcels to vulnerable families in the community. The pandemic has made this even more necessary. A monthly food parcel provides vital support and relief to families living in poverty.

Below we invite you to read about some of the families we support. These stories were sent from our partners in South Africa.

 Ngo. Vulnerable Family

The Ngo. vulnerable family consists of eight members who live with their mother. They live in their family home. Their mother does not work fulltime but in various part time jobs in the community. The whereabouts of the children’s father is unknown. He left the family many years back.

The family survives with the child social grant, which four of the children receive, to provide for other basic needs the family has.

Pri. Ngo., the eldest daughter, collected their food parcel whilst the others were in school.  When asked her about her interests and future dreams; she said she is interested in reading books and dreams of one day becoming a social worker. She could be able to help in improving her family living conditions, and also to become a role model to her siblings.

Mas. Vulnerable Family

There are 6 members in the Mas. family ranging from 2 months old to 15 years old. They live together in their mother’s family home.

Their father left the family to live in another location a long distance away. He does not support the family, and does not care how they are coping because he has never contacted the family after he left.

Mar. Mas. collected the food parcel. She said she is interested in playing soccer. She hopes to study and become a lawyer, and help change the situation of the family and also inspire her siblings.

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