Background to Masoyi Trust (UK)

By our founder, Dale Aitken

By the 1990’s, HIV/AIDS was being described as a pandemic – a worldwide epidemic – that was out of control. I was deeply concerned about the numbers of orphans being created, and was overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the problem.

In August 2003, our vicar, Barry Wilson, was preaching on the feeding of the 5,000 when God ‘spoke’ to me.  When the boy brought his bread and fish to Jesus, he was not expecting to feed everyone there: he was simply sharing what he had.  It was God who multiplied it.  God was telling me not to worry about the big picture, but to offer what I had, and he would multiply it.  After the service, I shared this with two friends and asked them to pray with me about what I could do.

A few weeks later, a visiting friend and minister from South Africa introduced our church to Masoyi Home Based Care Project (now eMasoyi Community Develpment Foundation). This was definitely from God.  Although I became the focal point, the leadership and whole church became involved in giving support.

The following year, my wife Nicky and I were able to visit South Africa, where we spent time at the project and experienced firsthand the amazing work of MHBCP to support the sick and vulnerable in the community.

On returning from my most recent visit in 2015, I realised that I would need to set up a UK charity if support for the Project was to continue, and have the opportunity to expand to embrace some of the new contacts we were making. I recruited our Board of Trustees, who shared the same vision and passion for the project, and we established the charity Masoyi Trust (UK).

God’s timing is perfect!  He has graciously increased annual donations substantially, and provided the opportunity for much more news and prayer requests to be shared amongst supporters.  We want to continue to be a support for MHBCP in their vital work of providing care and support to the sick, orphaned, vulnerable and destitute in the wider community, and to see a future generation of people who are HIV-free!