2015-16 Annual Report

Giving a hand to fight poverty

The following is the content of our annual report to the Charity Commission for 2015-16:

Summary of the objects of the charity set out in its governing document:

The relief of need by providing care and support to the sick, orphaned, vulnerable and destitute in the Masoyi community of South Africa, especially to those infected with and affected by HIV/Aids.

Summary of the main activities undertaken for the public benefit in relation to these objects (include within this section the statutory declaration that trustees have had regard to the guidance issued by the Charity Commission on public benefit):


Two grants were made to Masoyi Home Based Care Project (MHBCP) totalling £5,200. This has been used (and continues to be used) for:

  • Monthly food parcels for ten families
  • School uniforms
  • Repairs for three houses
  • A workshop for orphans and vulnerable children, including transport costs
  • A monthly support group for single young mothers
  • Peer education: incentive payment to peer educators; refreshments; transport costs
  • Marketing manager incentive payments
  • Main office security upgrade
  • Office admin. costs

We had two reports during the period showing how the grants were applied.


We have been in regular contact with the CEO of MHBCP and other officers

  • To discuss and agree use of grants
  • For current news
  • To advise and assist with their grant applications to other bodies
  • To advise and assist with the development of their website

We have sent a monthly email prayer letter to our supporters, plus other news; and posted regular updates on our website, Facebook page and Twitter.


We have opened a bank account, and enabled standing order payments, direct transfers and deposits

Justtextgiving: supporters can give by text

We have given presentations of the work of the Project in churches and private homes

Trustee meetings

The trustees have had due regard to the commission’s public benefit guidance when exercising any powers or duties to which the guidance is relevant.

The trustees first met on 20 July 2015 to agree the trust deed; to appoint three officers; to authorize the opening of a current account with the Coop Bank, with two of three signatories; and to agree the establishment of a basic website.

We met a further three times during the period, joined by Martin Blasden and Fiona Black, who were invited to form a management team with the trustees, helping with fund-raising and marketing in particular.

You may choose to include further statements, where relevant, about:

  • policy on grantmaking;
  • policy programme related investment;
  • contribution made by volunteers:

Our policy on grant-making is to discuss with MHBCP the grant available and their priorities, and then to decide how the grant should be applied. The trustees have delegated this responsibility to Dale Aitken, the Treasurer, subject to keeping the management team informed. We have recently realized the need to have an audit trail extending further than a receipt from MHBCP, and will be looking for some evidence of expenditure for future grants.

Summary of the main achievements of the charity during the year:

  1. To establish a bank account; Justtextgiving; website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  2. To make four presentations to interested groups.
  3. To keep our supporters and other interested people informed of our, and MHBCP’s, activities, by email and other media outlets.
  4. To recruit additional fund-raising and marketing skills to the Management Team.
  5. To raise over £10,000 in donations.

To fund the relief of hunger; the delivery of peer education; clothing; transport and admin. costs (at MHBCP).

Our policy is not to have reserves, but to make grants as soon as an agreed proposal is in place.

During the period, our principal sources of income have been from a church, and a one-off individual donation.

Registered Charity No. 1167595