Open Information Policy

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Masoyi Trust UK Open Information Policy

Masoyi Trust UK is committed to publishing open and accurate information. This ensures that we can carry out our charitable activities with transparency and that we are accountable to our stakeholders, including our funders, supporters, partners and the people that we support.

We publish up to date, clear and accurate information regarding our activities in a timely manner. On occasion we may not share information for the reasons given. The scope of the information that we provide is outlined below.

Where we publish our information:

Our website ( is a current and up to date source of information. Please consult the website for:

  1. Our leadership and governance
  2. Latest updates from the project
  3. Ways to get involved
  4. Contact information
  5. Annual report

We also publish information on our Facebook ( and Twitter ( pages

Using information

We encourage our supporters to share our news on their social media pages.  The information cannot be directly reproduced or re-sold.

If you have any questions about use of information please contact

Reasons for declining information requests*

  • Confidentiality: Where a third party has requested that the information remain confidential on legal, commercial or contractual grounds
  • Safety: Information disclosed would reveal details that could put our staff, beneficiaries or project in jeopardy. For example, we will not release the real names of our beneficiaries
  • Copyright: The information belongs to someone else and we do not have permission to share it
  • Privacy: We will not share private details of individuals
  • Data Protection: Information which breaches any data protection legislation

*This list is not exhaustive and other reasons for declining information requests may be given

How to request information:

Information can be requested by email to  We aim to reply to your request within 14 days.

For reasons outlined above we may not be able to accommodate every request.

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