What We Did in 2017-18

What We Achieved in 2017-18

We supported the following programmes:

  • House building: one house for a vulnerable child.
  • Peer education: refreshments; payments to 8 peer facilitators; graduation ceremony.
  • Worker payments: supporting food parcels, kitchen staff, housebuilding and administration.
  • Food parcels: both regular and one-off supplies, to children and to patients.
  • Office costs: towards electricity, insurance and bank charges.
  • Transport for food parcels and peer education.
  • Workshop/support group: one-off training workshop for orphans and vulnerable children.
  • Lunchtime feeding programme at two centres.

We received a total of 8 narrative reports over the year about food parcels, peer education beneficiaries, and the workshop for orphaned and vulnerable children; 5 house building reports; and monthly financial reports enabling us to track expenditure.

We were in regular contact with the CEO of Masoyi Home Based Care Project and other officers

  • To discuss and agree use of grants
  • For current news
  • To advise and assist with their grant applications to other bodies
  • For prayer topics


We have sent a monthly email prayer letter to our supporters, plus regular news and prayers; and we have posted regular updates on our website, and Facebook page.

Summary of the other achievements

  1. Made one presentation to an interested group.
  2. Made three grant applications, two successful.
  3. Raised over £19,000* in donations and grants.
  4. Funded the relief of hunger; the delivery of peer education; new housing; transport and admin. costs (at MHBCP) – £15,500.

*Includes a £5,000 grant carried forward into 2018-19.

Trustee meetings

The trustees met three times.

Audit tracking of donations to the Project is continuing, with improving documentation being provided.  Trustees receive regular account summaries from the treasurer quarterly.

In May, it was decided to start a notional House No.3 fund with £1,750 from ‘surplus’ donations; by August, we were able to commit to the £3,400 needed, and send money for work to start.

We discussed and planned a fund-raising dinner for 2018-19.


  • Info-graphic reports of yearly activity to be introduced.
  • New page to show ‘what we are doing now’, with regular news updates.

2018 budget proposal agreed with the Project – to continue existing programmes, but now able to increase the number of food parcels, and fully fund the lunchtime feeding programme.

A new flyer is being prepared.

We have looked at the Charity Commission documentary requirements, and are in the process of meeting them.

We agreed plans to improve records and data security.

We were informed of the new data protection legislation, and action we need to take.

How money was spent

Below is a summary of how the Masoyi Trust UK donations were spent during the year 2017.  Whilst these figures provide a condensed financial view of the impact, the personal stories of how our supporters’ donations are making a difference to the daily lives of people in the community are what really inspires us.  You can read many of these stories in our regular news posts here.

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 09.32.14.png

Please view the Project page, for more information on how the Peer Education Programme benefits those that take part in the programme, and also serves the wider community as a result of the programme’s outcomes.

The figures above are shown below as a percentage of donations spent:

2017-18 pie chart