What We Do

What we are doing now:

Mid-Feb.  We only had £1,100 to send for our Mar/Apr programmes: income has dried up.  Fortunately, the Project has spent only part of the Jan/Feb donation so far, so we hope nobody will miss out.  House No.3 is now complete apart from furnishings and the toilet.

End-January.  Sadly, our grant application was unsuccessful.

Mid-January.  The Project office re-opened last week after their Christmas/summer break.  Yesterday’s Management team meeting grappled with regulatory policies, procedures and documentation (!), as well as considering how to widen our fund-raising.

End-December.  Our grant application has been submitted – the wait begins.  We have sent £3,111 to the Project, £897 to complete the funding for House No.3 and £2,214 for our Jan/Feb programmes.

Mid-December.  House No.3 is currently being roofed.  The Project offices close for Christmas and their summer holiday on 19th.

Early December.  Sadly, Operational Director, Jabu Themba’s husband died last week.  We have started discussing with the Project our funding plans for 2018.  We are about to submit an application to a grant-making body, primarily to fund food programmes and build one house.

Mid-November.  We have had photos of the foundations being dug out for House No.3, with mountains of hardcore and sand at the ready!  Another funder has stepped in to fund worker payments for some of the Peer Education facilitators – at a much higher rate (about £100pm).  So for Oct-Dec, our contribution is being spread among the remaining facilitators, one at £100pm and the others at £50pm.  The new funder will also pay for a camp for the peer educators during 2018, which has not been possible recently.

end-October.  We sent a £1,760 donation to the Project to complete the funding for our regular programmes to the end of 2017.  This was less than we usually send, but the Project was under-spending on several programmes, so the sums should balance!  Work has started on House No.3, so we await news and photos!

October.  Our Annual General Meeting (and management team meeting) was on Saturday 7th, with a financial and narrative Powerpoint report for 2016-17, and news from the current year.  We also saw Jo and Dan’s slideshow from their visit in June.

Among other things, the management team agreed a fund-raising dinner in the Lincoln area early in the New Year.  We acknowledged various new legal requirements we must meet; and planned how to deal with the funding shortfall we are facing.

September.  The Project have secured title on the land to build House No.3.  Building materials are about to be delivered.

August. We have sent a £2,260 donation to the Project to fund our regular programmes during September and October.

August.  We have sent a £2,338 donation to the Project to enable them to start work on what we are calling House No.3, for an eighteen-year old.

July.  We have received sufficient extra income over the last five months to allow us to fund a new house build for an orphan threatened with homelessness!

June.  Our emergency donations are enabling the Project to maintain after-school lunchtime feeding programmes.

June.  Mother and son, Jo and Dan Rylands are making an independent visit to the Project for three weeks, providing regular news and photos of all they are seeing.

15 May.  Management Team Meeting:

  • Potential fund-raising dinner
  • We have decided to allocate up to 2% of our income to fund-raising (such as above).  That would have amounted to £300 last year.
  • Housebuilding.  We have started to set aside money for a new house for an orphan-headed family; the target is £3-3,500, of which we have £1,750.
  • We have been able to send the Project a little more than our regular commitment, to help towards emergencies.

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