What We Did in 2019-20

2019-20 Annual Report to Supporters

We supported the following programmes:
House building: extending and renovating a one-room house for six orphans aged 2-22. We ran out of funds to complete this.
Peer education: refreshments; payments to five peer facilitators; graduation ceremony for 129 Year 3 graduates.
Worker payments: supporting food parcels, kitchen staff, housebuilding and administration.
• Food parcels: monthly for 20 child-headed households, and one-off supplies for patients.
• After school feeding, at three locations, for 185 children.
• Office costs: towards electricity, insurance and bank charges.
• Transport for food parcels, housebuilding and peer education.
Workshop/support group: one-off training workshop for orphans and vulnerable children.
Sanitary products: The St Thomas’ Brampton Thursday Morning Ladies Group (STBTMLG) began funding this programme from September 2019.
• We funded tables, chairs and six “bum-along” motorbikes for the pre-school at K2.
We received a total of 13 narrative reports over the year covering the various programmes; and monthly financial reports.

We were in regular contact with the CEO of the Masoyi Project and other officers
• To discuss and agree use of grants
• For current news
• For prayer topics

Summary of the other activities
1. We received a grant of £3,000 from the Suter Charitable Trust in September, of which £2,100 was used for the house build and £900 towards our food programmes over six months.
2. St Luke’s and St Paul’s in Leek donated their Harvest offering to fund the toilet for the six orphans.
3. STBTMLG continued to fund-raise for us very successfully during 2019: another £570 from two events, in addition to their own regular group donations.
4. We made a presentation St. John’s, Tupton [including the AGM], followed by a (bring-your-own) lunch.
5. Father and son, Dale and Matthew, with Dale’s wife Nicky, made an independent visit to the Project in May 2019. They saw all the houses we have funded, meeting most of the children in the process, and met the six children now benefiting from an enlarged home. Dale and Matthew were also able to see all the other programmes we fund (except the workshop), visiting many patients and children in their homes.
6. Mother and daughter, Hazel and Cate, are re-cycling old school uniforms to raise money for us.
7. Micheal Bobbert, our administrator in Masoyi, has left for paid employment; and been replaced by Sandile, who has quickly grasped his role. Emmah from Personnel and Finance has also left, for the same reason.
8. Sue Ward has taken on the role of proofreader and editor.
9. The Management Team agreed that the 2020 budget should be increased by 4.1% in rands (the South African rate of inflation to Sep. 2019).
10. We have sent a monthly email prayer letter to our supporters, plus other news; and posted regular updates on our website, and Facebook page.
11. We received just under £19,000 in donations and grants; and sent almost £21,000 to eMasoyi.
12. We funded the relief of hunger; the delivery of peer education; new housing; transport and admin. costs (at the Masoyi Project).

Management team meetings
The management team met four times.   Audit tracking of donations to the Project was improved.  The team continued to receive quarterly account summaries from the treasurer.  We agreed to fund a further house for an orphan family this year.  We continue to explore opportunities to apply for grants.    Annual accounts continue to be reviewed by an accountant without fee. [This is not a legal requirement.]

How money was spent
Below is a summary of how the Masoyi Trust UK donations were spent during the year 2019 (not 2018-19). Whilst these figures provide a condensed financial view of the impact, the personal stories of how our supporters’ donations are making a difference to the daily lives of people in the community are what really inspires us. You can read many of these stories in our regular news posts here.

Screenshot 2020-05-09 at 09.53.43.png
The figures above are shown below as a percentage of donations spent:

Screenshot 2020-05-09 at 09.55.32.png

Please view eMasoyi’s website for more information on how the Peer Education Programme benefits those that take part in the programme, and also serves the wider community as a result of the programme’s outcomes.

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The figures above have been produced by our Treasurer and have not been independently verified yet.

May 2020