What We Did in 2015-16

We supported the following programmes

  • Monthly food parcels for ten families
  • School uniforms
  • Repairs for three houses
  • A workshop for orphans and vulnerable children, including transport costs
  • A monthly support group for single young mothers
  • Peer education: incentive payment to peer educators; refreshments; transport costs
  • Marketing manager incentive payments
  • Main office security upgrade
  • Office admin. costs

We had two reports during the period showing how these grants were applied from January to June 2016.


We were in regular contact with the Project CEO & other officers

  • To discuss and agree use of grants
  • For current news
  • To advise and assist with their grant applications to other bodies
  • To advise and assist with the development of their website

We have sent a monthly email prayer letter to our supporters, plus other news; and posted regular updates on our website, Facebook page and Twitter.


We achieved the following objectives

  1. To establish a bank account; Justtextgiving; website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  2. To make four presentations to interested groups.
  3. To keep our supporters and other interested people informed of our, and MHBCP’s, activities, by email and other media outlets.
  4. To recruit additional fund-raising and marketing skills to the Management Team.
  5. To raise over £10,000 in donations.
  6. To fund the relief of hunger; the delivery of peer education; clothing; transport and admin. costs (at MHBCP).


We made the following donations to the Project

Below is a summary of how the Masoyi Trust UK donations were spent during the year 2015-16.  Whilst these figures provide a condensed financial view of the impact, the personal stories of how our supporters’ donations are making a difference to the daily lives of people in the community are what really inspires us.  You can read many of these stories in our regular news posts here.


2015-16 infographics

Masoyi Trust (UK) Donations 2015-16:

2015-16 donation spend

Please view the Project page, for more information on how the Peer Education Programme benefits those that take part in the programme, and also serves the wider community as a result of the programme’s outcomes.

The figures above are shown below as a percentage of donations spent.

2015-16 donation spend pie