Collecting Food Parcels


It is with great sadness we have to tell you that Loveness, one of the staff at the Lula Pre-School Centre, died yesterday.   

Please pray for her family, her colleagues at Lula, and all who knew and loved her.

From February’s Report.

In the first photo, you can see the K2 veg. garden, with a healthy-looking green crop, possibly ready to harvest.

Life at five Years Old

From February’s Report:

“Arm. Kho. is five years old and lives in a house with four other family members.  His sister, Ler. Mag. (27), is his guardian. His brother, Inn. Mag. (24), and two of Ler.’s children, Got. Mag. and Gol. Mag. (6 and 9 ), make up the rest of the household.12. Armando Khoza food parcel blur copy

“Arm. was living with his parents but they were abusive towards him, so his sister Ler. took him away to look after him. Arm.’s parents moved to Johannesburg, where they now live. They did not tell their children that they were relocating and  have never contacted them since they left.

“No one is working in the family: they survive with the social grant  which Arm. and his sister’s children receive. When I asked Arm. what he likes to do, he was a bit shy and only mentioned that he likes to play football with his friends.” 

Another Family of Six Children

From February’s Report:

“The Sam. child headed family consists of six siblings. Ndu. Sam. is three years old, Mba. Sam. is seven , Mel. Sam. is ten, Hap. Sil. is fifteen, Sam. Sam. is sixteen and Nox. Sam. is twenty.  She has completed her matric and  is studying at TVET college [Technical Vocational Education and Training].

“The siblings live together in their family home. Their mother passed away last year and their father passed away years back. They survive on the child social grant, which Ndu, Mba, Mel, Hap and Sam receive, to buy food and other basic needs. Nox.  does not receive social grant because she is above eighteen years. Their local church and some of their neighbours  sometimes help them with food to eat.

“Nox. collected their food parcel, and I asked her about her interests and future hopes. She said she is interested in spending her time in church, worshipping and practising  with the church choir. Her future hopes are to study and become a social worker and help her siblings as well as other children who grow up without parents like her.”

A Seven- year old’s Story

From February’s Report:

“Gom. Mat. lives in the Legogote area; she is 7 years old and is an orphan. Her mother, Tha. Thu. passed away in 2020 and her father is not known. Gom. loves crayoning in her school books and to play games with her friends during school breaks and after school. When I asked Gom. what she  would like to do when she grows up, she said she wants  to finish school and become a teacher, to educate other children, like her teacher.10. Gomotso Thulare food parcel blur copy

“Gom. lives with her old grandmother, who is her guardian, in her grandmother’s house, together with three other family members. The family survives with the child support grant which Gom. receives together with  her grandmother’s old age grant. This is to buy food, school stationery and other basic needs the family have.

“The family does not have any other source of income. We added the family onto the UK Trust food programme, to receive a food parcel that will help them to have enough food to eat.”

Phe. Ngo., an Orphan

From the Janaury Report:

“Phe. Ngo. is 8 years old, and lives in a family  of three, herself, her older sister Nox. Mal., who is 19 years old,  and her 80-year old grandmother, Pop. Map.

“Their mother, Nto. Mga., passed away in 2017, and Phe.’s father is not known.  Nox.’s father passed away. They live in their grandmother’s house with their grandmother, who is their guardian.

3a. Phe. Ngo. Food parcel blur

Phe. Ngo. collecting a food parcel

“Phe. receives child social grant, and their grandmother is receiving old age grant.  They use these to buy food and to supply other basic needs the family has.  Nox. does not receive child support grant as she is now above 18 years old. We added the family to the Masoyi UK Trust programme to receive a food parcel each month.”

The two grants are R1,040 and R1,860pm, about £95pm.

Ngo. vulnerable family

From the January Report:

“The Ngo. vulnerable family consists of eight members, 1-year old Pen. Ngo. who is at crèche; Siphe. who is 4years old and also at crèche; 9-year old Ali. is in grade 4; 10-year old Siy. in grade 5; 14-year old Siphi. in grade 9;  and 18-year old Nto. is in grade 10; Pro. Ngo. is 22 years old; and they live with their mother, Mar. Lek.

“The family live in the village of Ivory. The children’s father left the family and he is not supporting them in any way.  Their mother works part-time whenever  temporary employment is available, but sometimes goes a long period of time without any work.

“To cover the family’s food and other basic needs, they depend on the social grant which Sip., Ali., Siy., Sip. and Pen. receive.”  [About £22 each, so £100pm.]

Mba. Vulnerable Family

From the January Report:

“The Mba. family consists of three members: Sam. Mba. is 13 years old., his older sister Nel. Sho., who  is not able to work as she is very ill, and their mother.

“The family lives in their home in Phola trust.  Sam’s father is not known. Sam. receives a child social grant which is the only family income.  Their mother is not working and is not old enough to receive old age grant.

“The family does not receive any assistance from other family members.  We added the family to the Masoyi UK Trust food parcel scheme, which will help them to have more food to eat on a monthly basis.”

Food Parcel Beneficiaries in 2021 (1)

From January’s Report from eMasoyi:

“Below is a list of 10 of the 28 orphan and vulnerable families who will be receiving food parcel, and the area they live in:

1. Ngo. Family, Phola; 2. Thu. Family, Legogothe; 3. Sha. Family, Manzini; 4. Ngo. Family, Phola 2;  5. Nko. Family, Ma50 [Swalala];
6. Mal. Family, Mahushu; 7. Mak. Family, Mthimba; 8. Map. Family, Mthimba; 9. Mah. Family, Mahushu; 10. Mal. Family, Jerusalem.”

We plan to be able to tell you a little about each of these families during the course of the year.

48a. Ash. Mal blur

Ash. Mal, Mahushu


Families list





6. Malope Family



8. Maphanga Family