Ntsiki and New Workers

From February’s Report:

1. NtsikiNtsiki. is 35 years old; she lives in her family home with her husband and two daughters. Ntsiki’s interest is in baking cakes. Her future hopes are to see herself and the family living  long and healthy lives and seeing God blessing her family more. The work that she does is HR work in the organisation, and data capturing.”

Here is a picture of Ntsiki  doing her work

“We have two new staff members who  work in the office under the public works IDT programme which  supports the organisation: Maryjane Nkosi is responsible for making sure that all the expanded public works programme beneficiaries sign attendance registers. She also assists in OVC food parcel distribution.  Prisca Dube is working in the yard alongside France.”

General Worker: France



“France is 54 years old; he lives with his sister and brother-in-law.  He is interested in watching football.   His future hope is to one day have a house of his own.   He is responsible for cleaning the office yards of both K2 and K3 centres [main offices and Youth Skills Development Centre], as well as other general duties.”

Yvonne, Finance Officer

Yvonne Maminza

Yvonne is 34 years old, and lives with her husband and two children – a boy and a girl – in their family home. Her interests are baking and cooking as well as sewing. Yvonne’s future hope is to become a donor of an NGO. She is working as a financial officer responsible for handling organization petty cash, writing financial reports, loading volunteers’ payments [stipends, when available], assisting in writing proposals, and communicating with donors.

<img src="https://masoyitrustuk.files.wordpress.com/2020/02/90.yvonne-bookkeeper.jpg?w=576&quot; alt="<a href="crocuspage.html"> <img src="crocus.jpg" alt=""> <strong> Crocus bulbs</strong>
This is the Yvonne we are praying for who is pregnant.

UK Trust Administrator

From a December Report:

“The work I do is to administer the UK Trust in the Masoyi office by submitting financial expenditure reports on a monthly basis.  I oversee the building of houses for orphaned and vulnerable children (O.V.C.), and submit monthly O.V.C. programme reports.  I  coordinate the peer-to-peer education programme, and monitor and evaluate  the programme’s activities. I am responsible for leading weekly team meetings, coaching  facilitators and doing schools visits.”  

Sandile Nobunga

A Volunteer’s Story

From one of eMasoyi’s volunteers:

“I live in a family of three people: myself, my girlfriend and my 3-year old daughter.  We  live in my sister’s two-room house as we do not have our own home yet.  I plan to build my family a home in the near future when I am stable financially.  I have five older siblings, 3 sisters and 2 brothers.  Our parents both died, my mother in 2007, and my father in 2008.  My parents never built a home for us.  I used to live in my grandparents’ house together with our uncles, some of whom did not want us living there.

“Life was hard growing up.  That is what motivates me to build a home for my daughter, so she does not experience what I have experienced growing up, not having a place to call my own home.  When I am financially stable, and possibly God has blessed me with other better paid employment, I will build my dream house for my child or children if I have more in the future.”