eMasoyi welcomes individuals and small groups as visitors for trips from one day to two weeks, or volunteers for longer term visits.  This can range from simply observing the Project at work to joining in the work at any and every level.

Here’s what some of the people who have made the trip say…

Fiona visiting Masoyi
Fiona visiting Masoyi

“I first went to Masoyi in 2006 and I can quite honestly say it changed my life. Masoyi Home Based Care is an amazing project to be involved with – they carry out incredible work and their team of volunteers are dedicated to serving the needs of the community. I was welcomed instantly in to the Masoyi family. Nine years later, six more visits and friendships made for life – South Africa has become my second home.”

Fiona Black


“I’ve been able to visit four times now, and despite the different language and very different culture, it’s like going home – I feel I belong, to the place and people.”

Dale Aitken

Accommodation of various grades is available in the community or nearby.  More information is available at masoyihomebasedcare.com/getting-involved-2/volunteer/.

Masoyi Trust (UK) does not organize trips, but we’re very happy to assist and advise you.  Get in touch if you’d like any help.

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