A Prayer: Finance

We face a dilemma in that we are currently about £900 short of what we need to send to the Project within the next week, to fund our programmes to the end of the year.

“Please guide the Trust and the Project in South Africa in deciding how to use the money available now.  Please open a way for the work to continue and for needs to be met.”


Peer Education (4)

[Report from Micheal Bobbert]

39. Peer education

“Quite a lot is happening in the Peer to Peer programme, and I think the community and world at large need more Peer-to-Peer facilitators to guide our already lost generation on how to make good choices in life that will be able to make them a better person when they are older.”

Annual General Meeting

It is our AGM tomorrow morning, Saturday 7th October, followed by a management team meeting after lunch.  We give thanks to God as we look back on what he has enabled us to achieve in 2016-17, on those who have received physical, psychological and spiritual care and support; and we ask him to direct our decisions for the future.

Peer Education (3)

[Report from Micheal Bobbert]

“Ma Flo shared about how she was being recognized by strangers who were once orphans and vulnerable children of Masoyi, and who are now doctors, engineers and in many other fields in the corporate world – products of previous Masoyi  Peer-to-Peer educators who trained them to be what they are today. What is exciting is that our current facilitators themselves are growing and gaining more knowledge, experience and the ability to stand and speak in front of an audience. They are also learning quite a great deal in this programme.”

37. Peer education

Peer Education (2)

[Report from Micheal Bobbert]

36. Peer education



“The team of dedicated facilitators recently had a meeting with Ma Flo and I, with discussions about what it was that they were working on, and the way forward. Ma Flo explained to them about the role that they were playing, and also suggested strategies to further empower the scholars with regard to their career choices.”