A Prayer: Lula Centre (3)

“Thank you for Loveness, the Lula Centre coordinator; may you strengthen her faith, and increase her wisdom and compassion.  May you similarly bless Lwazi [male] and Nomgido, the cooks, and Khipa, the security guard.”


A Prayer: Main Office, K2 (3)

“Thank you for those who are responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Project: Nonstikelelo; Mike (male); Thulani (male); and Modise (primarily peer education).  Please meet their personal needs, and may they be mindful of the fact that in their work, they serve not just the Project beneficiaries, but You Yourself.”



A Prayer: K2 Main Office

“Thank you for Florence Mbokazi (Ma Flo) [CEO] and Jabulele Themba (Jabu)[Operational Director], for their faithful service to the vulnerable in the community over so many years.  Please both guide and encourage them in leadership.  Will You please be a comfort and support for Jabu, as she mourns the death of her husband last month?”

48. Jabu

Jabulele Themba

A Brand-new Vehicle!

An unexpected answer to prayer!  Micheal Bobbert: “I would like to share the good news with you.

“We have just recently been blessed with a new Toyota Avanza, all thanks to the National Lottery who when Pat made a proposal for funding for our Home Based Care, did not respond in a manner that we had expected. But instead, they decided to donate us with this vehicle, which Pat added as and extra when he made the proposal.”


The existing one has been limping along for several years now.

Frank and Ruthie Wey

Frank and Ruthie, in the USA, have just announced:

“We will be going back to Masoyi in late January. Once again we feel a great urgency to bring souls into the Kingdom. In the past we have been privileged to introduce many people to Jesus and see them take Him as their Lord and Saviour. We have also seen His healing hand touch their bodies and their minds and bring restoration to them.

Before we go out into the community each day, we ask the Lord to only put people in our path whose hearts He has already prepared. He has honoured that prayer continually over the last 16 years that we have been going there. Even in stores, game parks, gas stations, clinics, and on the streets, He has put people in front of us who have taken Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. The Lord has proven to us again and again that He is ever faithful to His Word. Hallelujah!”