A Prayer: Lula Centre (3)

“Thank you for Loveness, the Lula Centre coordinator; may you strengthen her faith, and increase her wisdom and compassion.  May you similarly bless Lwazi [male] and Nomgido, the cooks, and Khipa, the security guard.”


A Prayer: Youth Skills (3)

“Please bless with love, patience and encouragement those who teach youth skills at K3:

“Centre leader: Patricia
Teachers: Jefry (computing); Martha, Nozipho (sewing); Duduzile (beading), Clement (carpentry); Generalworkers: Innocent, Vusi, Marriam.”

…A New Home At Last!

More from Micheal:

“On Monday 18th [June], I again asked Patricia and one of the young volunteer girls to go to the house and clean and move Don. into his new home. On our way, we also passed by at K3 to collect Clement [carpentry teacher]to drill and place the curtain rails, and move heavy things for us.  Patricia and Mary Jane dusted the house and mopped the floors squeaky clean. We then started to play around with interior décor ideas, even though there was not much furniture to use but we did our utmost best and came up with this.”

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New Laptop Computer

JuMicheal Bobbert reports:

“Computer Hardware Report

“Yvonne [Accounts] paid for the computer hardware, and I then scanned and emailed the proof of payments to the store; they then responded in a few days notifying me to come and collect the hardware.

“I am writing this brief report on the new Lenovo Computer, which is working like a charm.  I believe that this new machine will enable me to do my work more efficiently.  I will now be able to analyze and capture massive amounts of data very quickly, saving me time; type correspondence; make quotations; and respond to emails more promptly.  It will also help me execute other daily organizational duties such doing research and writing proposals.


“The photos show the new Lenovo laptop, external hard drive and backpack.”  [And the old laptop linked to a monitor.]

“I am in college, currently studying a course in End User Computer, therefore this machine will also help me to research and write my assignments when I am at home.  So thank you to Masoyi Trust (UK), and the donors who made it possible to fund laptop.


The Bed…

Report from Micheal Bobbert:

“On the 6thof June, I asked Patricia Mbewe, one of our female colleagues, to drive me to Hazyview to try and buy whatever we could manage for the house.  I suggested that our first stop should be at one of the furniture shops, to find a cheap but good bed.  The first furniture shop had some welcoming staff.  I formally introduced myself ad told them where I was coming from and what I was looking for.  I also took the opportunity to briefly explain to them more about Masoyi HBCP.

“In browsing around in the shop, I realized that the beds were expensive and it was going to cost almost the whole R3000 [£180] that we had with us.  I asked if there were any repossessed beds, and was advised to speak to the supervisor as even these were R2, 500.  Understanding about our work, the supervisor immediately agreed to sell the bed for R1,000!”

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