House No. 2

Report from Constance:  I went to visit Fe. where she lives to tell her that we have finished building her a brand new house.  She seemed so happy, and very surprised, and she could not express how she felt about the good news that I gave her.  We went to the house, and we installed the curtain rails and curtains.

14. Bedroom1

She is very happy to move in to her house because she thought that we had stopped building it and forgotten about her.  She has moved in with one of her sister’s children because where he was staying was not in good condition.  His mother has three children, and she cannot afford to raise them all.  The boy can go to church and live a better life, with proper guidance, and always be clean and smart.  It is a better idea that he lives with Fe.”

16. Main room

Visitors to the Project

On Saturday, mother and son, Jo and Dan Ryland, are due to fly from the UK to South Africa.  They have visited friends in South Africa before, but this time they will be spending three weeks with Masoyi Home Based Care Project, arriving at the offices on Monday morning.  Like all visitors, they will be an enormous encouragement to the Project workers, patients and children, by their presence.

They may also find it a life-changing experience!  We look forward to passing on their news.

A Prayer: Tony and Ena

(From Pretoria, Ena Fourie has overseen the building of 14 orphan houses in Masoyi over the years, joined by Tony on retirement.  Tony is terminally ill.)


“Thank you that Ena has been able to nurse and care for Tony up to now, and thank you for the help she is now receiving.  Please bless the precious time they still have together, bringing good from evil, and give them your peace.”

A Correction

The June prayer bulletin says that meals are still being provided at K2 and the Lula Centre.  In fact, when a funding contract came to an end in March and was not renewed (the funder had changed its objectives), the feeding programme was affected as well as much else in childcare.  Providing after-school meals costs about £125pm at each centre.

Masoyi Trust (UK) has been sending some extra funds for emergency use this year, and we will endeavour to send enough to cover meals at one of the centres in addition to our regular programmes.

A Prayer: HIV and TB testing

“Thank you for the ongoing programme of testing for HIV and TB that is available, and the work of Project personnel in delivering it.  May they be able to widen trust in the programme so that more people will receive treatment, and gain relief from their symptoms.”


Explaining medication!