A Prayer: Lula Centre (3)

“Thank you for Loveness, the Lula Centre coordinator; may you strengthen her faith, and increase her wisdom and compassion.  May you similarly bless Lwazi [male] and Nomgido, the cooks, and Khipa, the security guard.”


A Prayer: Feeding Centres

Last Spring, Masoyi Trust (UK) began funding part of the feeding programme.

“Thank you for the feeding centres at K2, K3 and Phola, and those who work there, providing a hot meal for pre-school children and those attending homework clubs.  Please continue to provide sufficient funds for them to continue.”

68. Phola afternoon care

Lunchtime at Phola

Frank & Ruthie Wey (2)

Frank and Ruthie have been in Masoyi for a three weeks now, and over the next few weeks, we will be sharing news from their first letter.

“While walking in the community with Pastor Hovy we found ourselves going down into a valley. We walked a narrow trail with tall grass on either side down to a small stream. We had to help each other navigate the slippery rocks on the way to the bottom. Then we tiptoed across stones to the other side and then up big smooth boulders to higher ground… On the way back down the mountain, we came across a line of barbed wire about 2 inches above the ground. It blended right in with the sand and scrub grass. It was stretched for a long distance. Praise God that He kept us from tripping over it, cutting ourselves and falling down the mountain. People often use these things to keep robbers away. The Lord knows those who are His. Praise His glorious name!”


A Prayer: Counselling, Therapy, Support

“Please bless and guide those involved in providing social and spiritual counselling, group therapy and support groups: give them wisdom, compassion and resilience.  And will you bring good into the lives of all the children and young people benefiting from these services?  Thank you.”

A Prayer: Identity Documents

Many children do not have the birth and death certificates needed to apply for an I.D.

“Lord God, will you please intervene on behalf of those children and young people who are trying to obtain Identity Documents, to enable them to access welfare payments and other benefits?  We pray especially for the Ng. family*.”

*Previous Ng. family report

Frank and Ruthie Wey (1)

Frank and Ruthie arrived in Masoyi last Sunday for their annual 3-month visit to the community.  Their first task was to stock up food parcels for the needy patients they will be visiting with the local care workers.  They are such an encouragement to the care workers and in the community, and they see God working miracles and bringing people to faith in Jesus Christ.

A Prayer: Child Safety

“Our children are at risk of theft and physical violation among other things.  May they look to you for protection, strength and comfort.  Thank you for the workers who are there to give support.  Please give success to those working to bring cultural change in attitudes towards women and girls, and rape.”

After School Programmes (2)

“The pictures show Ma Flo delivering a message to the orphans and vulnerable children who rely on our centres for hot meals every afternoon.  Maflo  spoke to the young ones about how they should be behaving during their summer holidays in order to stay safe.  The children had a lot of fun, and they were treated to one last meal.”  [This was in December.]


Patient Food Parcels

“The HBC food parcel programme is one of the most important programmes that we run, because many of our clients are very sick, and some are taking high dosages of tablets.  They are sometimes neglected by their spouses and families because of the conditions that they are in, resulting in missing their medication because of lack of food.


“There is a challenge in that regard.  Cynthia Dliwako, who has taken over from Lorancia while she is on maternity leave, told me there is a great shortage of food parcels to distribute to needy and sick clients. Otherwise, this programme is running smoothly and it is a great help to our clients.

74. Cynthia Dliwako washing patient

Cynthia Dliwako washing a patient