What We Do

Late Mar.  The website upgrade has been completed.  We have a ‘Donate’ button waiting to be activated by PayPal (will include debit/credit card payments).

Late Feb.  We have sent £3,119 to eMasoyi to cover Mar/Apr, with food parcels now increased to 30 per month.  The losing weight fundraiser has added another two to the previous 28.  The website upgrade has been delayed as we need a debit card on our current account to do so.  The application for this is in process.  The external house structure is now complete.

Early Feb.  We sent £2,000 to eMasoyi to cover Jan/Feb (with funds carried forward from 2021).  Home-based care has continued un-interrupted; the offices re-opened on 11th; schools are still closed.  We have a supporter fund-raising by losing weight, so we hope to add another monthly food parcel.  We have decided to upgrade our website so that we can have a Donate button, to make giving easier for our supporters.  The work on our current house build has re-started [see Mid-Dec].

Early Jan.  Our Twelve Sleighs of Christmas campaign closed having raised £1,944: enough to provide food parcels for an extra eight families in 2021.  Because there was almost no Peer Education in 2020, most of those funds have been carried into 2021.

Mid-Dec.  We sent £5,350 to eMasoyi to cover December’s budget, plus an extra £1,500 for emergency food parcels and £1,000 to continue work on House No.7.  Our Twelve Sleighs of Christmas campaign to provide food security for another twelve OVC families will only fund three so far.  The eMasoyi offices close till 11th January.

Late Nov.  The UK team have agreed next year’s funding budget: an inflation increase in rands; doubling our funding for patient food parcels; and increasing our contribution to transport costs to cover maintenance and repairs.  If the exchange rate remains at 2020 levels, this should be little more than our 2020 budget in pounds.  We have begun to liaise with eMasoyi to help them implement a child protection policy.  They have confirmed there is no consent obtained for using photos (except for peer facilitators and educators), so we have re-introduced a policy to obscure faces on published photos.

Mid-Oct.  We held our AGM on Zoom on 10th, followed by a Management Team meeting.  Links to view the two Powerpoints can be requested.  Our new international money transfer account boosted the value of our recent £6,000 donation by £2-300!  We should like to be able to fund more emergency food parcels, fund the completion of House No.7 (est. £2,000), and increase our contribution towards transport costs to include maintenance and repairs.  We will plan a further fund-raiser for this in time for Christmas.

Late Sep.  Our campaign has raised over £2,500 so far.  We will now send an additional £2,000 which will buy food for about 100 emergency food parcels; and £1,500 to finish House No.6 and start House No.7.  Our AGM on 10 Oct will now be on Zoom only.

Early Sep.  We have launched a second fund-raising campaign for £4,000, this time with Just Giving, specifically to fund more food parcels and start the next house.  eMasoyi would also like to have funds for Personal Protective Equipment (Covid-19).

Early Aug.  Management Team meeting: Risk Assessment policy finalized; Safeguarding policy draft accepted; R52,000 [£2,560] sent to eMasoyi for Aug/Sep programmes, £2,500 retained; Barry to retire as Trustee next May.

Mid-July.  Peer facilitators are proving useful in schools: they are screening all who enter each school, giving hand sanitizer, and monitoring social distancing.

End June.  Our updated Safeguarding policy is almost ready to sign off.  We are reviewing whether or not to upgrade/change our website so we can improve our marketing.  We have received a proposal from eMasoyi about an orphaned family in need of improved housing; and news of how the peer facilitators are serving their schools as some children return.

Mid-June..  Having sent £970 to eMasoyi at the end of May, we have been able to send a further £2,950 to complete our donation for June/July, and provide £750 to complete the Ngo. house.  Our fund-raising has generated over £3,300 now!  The trustees are planning to open an account with XE Money Transfer, with the sole purpose of obtaining a better rate of exchange on donations to eMasoyi (worth £25-£100 per £1,000).

Early June.  Our fund-raising campaign has raised £2,485!!!  In addition, Barry Wilson has raised £330+ (celebrating his birthday!), we have received £200 direct to our account, there is Gift Aid to be reclaimed, and we know of more to come!  Hats off to God’s provision, and individual’s generosity.  eMasoyi is partly back to work, with home-based care workers now equipped with Personal Protective Equipment, and distributing hand sanitiser.

Mid May.  Africa School of Missions has supplied food for 56 households!  Martin and Elaine Basden set themselves the challenge of running 5km round their garden to raise money for the campaign – successfully completed yesterday.  At the halfway point, we have received over £1,800!  We continue to receive regular monthly financial and narrative reports from eMasoyi.

Early May.  The volunteers again provided 20 food parcels in April – and distributed sanitary products.  We have launched a Crowdfunder campaign to raise at least £2,000 this month, to plug a hole in our finances.  So far, Dale and Fiona have taken up the challenge to fun-raise.  S.A. is still in lockdown.

Mid-April.  Jabu and several other volunteers have been asked by the Health Department to help with Covid-19 screening.  Food parcels were provided for the 20 child-headed households we support at the end of March, Selinah volunteering to do the shopping and several others helping divide up the packs.  Sanitary products were distributed to most of those in need – those who could be found.

Early April.  Much has happened!  Seven pairs of football boots were eventually delivered, but the other consignment was confiscated.  Yvonne and Thando are now 7-8 months pregnant, and doing well.  We sent £1,785 and £1,999 in donations at the beginning and end of March for Mar/Apr/May.  The Covid-19 crisis has both countries in lockdown.  Most programmes have closed down, but it. is hoped to continue the monthly food parcels.  There will be no UK fund-raising events for the foreseeable future.