Covid-19 = No Work

From February’s Report:

“We visited a family in the area of Phola; the family consists of four members, the father, mother and two children. All the family members are on HIV/AIDS treatment and they have been on treatment as a family for years now; they all live in a two roomed house.

Feb Phola blur

One of the children receiving          their food parcel

“The father was working and the family depended on him for food and other basic needs, but he has not been able to  work since the coronavirus pandemic started.  They now depend on their neighbours who sometimes help them with food to eat.

“We gave the family a food parcel to eat and encouraged them to plant a vegetable garden* that will help to provide them with free vegetables so that they will not struggle so much.”

*Lack of access to water is why most people are not able to grow vegetables.

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